Free dogecoins

Everybody loves free dogecoins, and you can find a list of all available places to get free doges below.

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We use the following format to sort out the free dogecoins:

Websites / special offers on top.

Faucets in the middle.

Giveaways at the bottom.



Earncrypto let’s you do tasks to earn dogecoins. These tasks can be things like watching ads, complete a survey etc. Once you’ve get some points, you can trade the website points for dogecoins in your wallet.

Each offer gives you around a few hundred dogecoins each, but the prizes varies a lot on the advertiser.

The above link uses a referral link, but you can click here if you want to register without it (and don’t support the website :( ).

Post a link, get dogecoins

Post a link to a participating website anywhere, and get 1000 dogecoins for doing it. You could even post multiple links for multiple dogecoins! Fast, easy and fun.


This forum pays each user for creating new threads and replies. It got a nice community where you can talk about all kinds of stuff, as well as a dogecoin-only trading section.

Currently paying 0.5Ð doge per post/thread + 0.01Ð per word written.

You need to earn 100 forum dogecoins in order to redeem them for real doges.


This is a chat that awards users for chatting. Each post gives you a 10 % chance to be paid dogecoins.

You need to create an account before you can use the chat, and payments are sent automatically to your wallet.

Each payout is between Ð2-20.


Dogerewards lets you complete offers to get points on the website. Offers could be surveys, downloading apps and stuff like that. Each offer gives a set amount of points, and once you reach 1000 or more website points, they can be redeemed into doges for your wallet.

Link to the website without the referral (if you do not want to support the website.

Dogecoin video faucet

This website lets you earn dogecoin by watching promotional videos. Each video gives you 5 doges regularly, and 10 doges if you are a registered member. It also gives away some dogecoins to other promotional dogecoin events, so make sure to watch a few videoes!


Get paid dogecoins for playing Minecraft on the Dogecrafters server.  Mine some stuff and sell it to the store in order to get dogecoins. Once you reach 999, message one of the moderators for a cashout.


Everybody love faucets. These websites are just giving away dogecoins, so just click on the links and enter your wallet address to get the free dogecoins!

Note that some faucets might be out of doges, so consider donating to them to keep the faucet alive.

Anytime faucets

These faucets can be used at any time without a cooldown. As long as there’s dogecoins there, you can enter.

1 hour faucets

These faucets can be used every hour.

2 hour faucets

4 hour facets

These faucets can be used every 4 hours.

Daily faucets

These can be used once per 24 hours/each day.

Unknown faucets This one is really bad. Gives you 0.01 doge per entry, and requires 5 doges for a withdrawal. Have fun doing it 500 times O.o


Official Reddig beg/giveaway subreddit

There are usually some nice giveaways there, so keep your eyes open.

Giveaways at Dailydogecoin

Users create topics with giveaways. Some requires you to do something to enter, while some are free-for-all. giveaways

There are giveaways made by the users at where you can enter by posting you wallet address. There is also a subforum where you can create a thread and beg for doges.

A place where you get redirected to free dogecoins!